For Danielle

In Uncertain Times

Praise be to the Father who created me in my mother’s womb.

Praise be to the Father who created her in her mother’s womb.

Praise be to the God of all creation – the eucalyptus with its smooth body, the skunk with its smell

To Him be praised, all glory and might.

The whole universe belongs to you, Lord.

From the gaseous core of the Earth to the galaxy yet discovered,

You know it all.

You reign overall.

You, Lord, are gracious and righteous, full of compassion.

Be compassionate to us now.

Give us time.

Give us healing.

She loves you.

She sits on a rock, fishing pole in hand, delighting in the fish, the water, the waiting.

She serves you, with smiles, with joy, with graciousness to others and kindness knit in her being.

She loves her husband well.

She raises her children to fear you, to love you.

Do not bring about their doubt.  Do not give them reason for apathy.

Answer the cries of our heart.

Answer the needs of her body.

Only you, O Lord, have the power to do this work.

Only you can stop the progression of disease.

Extend your hand.  Extend your sovereign grace.

Do not turn your back.

Shine your face upon us,


her community,

Your people.

May we sing your praises of healing.

May we rejoice in your miracle.

You brought your people from slavery, out of Egypt.  You parted seas.  You raised the dead.

You are a good and gracious God, communing with us through Your Spirit.

Show your face.

Give us time with her on Earth, Lord.

Give her kids time.

All glory and honor and praise.

To the God of Israel who created me, who created her, in our mother’s womb –

Shine your face upon us.

Give us reason to praise You with our lips, our hearts.

Dry our tears.

Soothe our anxieties.

Take this iniquity.

Cure us from our apathy, our feeling that you don’t care.

You alone, God, are good and holy.

In sickness, in health, in joy and in pain, You reign.

Forever and ever.




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